Our Team

  • Jose Koechlin

    Jose Koechlin flecha

    Chairman & CEO

    Peruvian, studies his country as to expose it, since 1971. Sponsors scientific studies, which have already registered 14 new Species to Science as Hyla koechlini, frog; Greta hermana koechlini, butterfly; and Kefersteinia koechlinurum, orchid. Called an “eco pioneer”, incorporates Tambopata (Madre de Dios) and Machu Picchu to ecological research and conservation via sustainable tourism economic income. Outstanding at Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica, is the world largest number of ant species (Harvard Professor E.O. Wilson); 1.266 botanical species (published by Missouri Botanical Garden/ITA); and “Cusco Amazonico”, (by W. Duellman) considered “the baseline against which all future studies of Amazonian amphibians and reptiles (and even other organisms) will be compared” (Cornell University press). Now it is Orchids at Inkaterra Machu Picchu.

    He presents Peru as a film experience, when coproducing the Aguirre, The Wrath of God (1972, the first scene filmed at Machu Picchu); then in Burden of Dreams, and Fitzcarraldo (Gold Palm, Cannes, 1982. Inspired in the history of the incorporation of the Madre de Dios region to the Peruvian economy) who is also the author. As chairman of the Peruvian Chamber of Tourism; of the Peruvian Adventure and Ecotourism Association; and of the Peruvian Hotel Society, he has enhanced Peruvian natural and cultural values. He is Director Emeritus, since 1990, of Conservation International, and Chairman CEO of Inkaterra and Inkaterra Association.

  • Denise Guislain

    Denise Guislain flecha

    Design and Quality Director

    Denise has devoted herself to expressing perfection through her ample knowledge of Andean culture after living eight years in the high andes. The simplicity of the Andean spirit is well expressed in her interior design, her excellent cuisine and landscape.

  • Enrique Gamero

    Enrique Gamero flecha

    General Manager

    Enrique is a professional with more than 20 years of experience working for high level companies and government entities. He has a proven successful career managing five star hotels in Peru. Enrique holds an MBA with a specialization in Executive Management and Finances.

  • Sandra Masias

    Sandra Masias flecha

    Product and Service Manager

    Sandra is involved in the consolidation and implementation of INKATERRA’s identity through service and design. She holds a Master degree in Political Science from Georgetown University and has spent 10 years in gardening design.

  • Liza Masias

    Liza Masias flecha

    Director for Business Development - Sales and Marketing

    As Sales and Marketing Director of Inkaterra Hotels, Liza acts as liaison between the company’s clients and partners in an effort to position the brand and increase hotel reservations throughout the travel industry. From her previous professional engagements, she brings expertise in the areas of hotel management, conservation and fund raising, a good understanding of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development issues. Liza previously worked for the Four Seasons Hotel Company, Conservation International, the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, DC, the National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian Institution, DC, and most recently, InSpire Invest a Norwegian consultancy in the area of Social and Environmental Corporate Responsibility. Liza holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel Administration from Cornell University.

  • Claire Andre

    Claire Andre flecha

    Research & Development Manager

    Polyglot French citizen with 32 years of experience in the tourism industry. For more than 10 years she managed one of the largest European tour operators of French tourists in the Americas. After extensive travel and work in various countries around the world, Claire was appointed Sales Manager of INKATERRA in April 1984.

  • Marlene Soto

    Marlene Soto flecha

    Sales Manager

    Marlene has been working in the tourism industry very young with fluent English, French and Italian. Marlene joined INKATERRA in 1994 with a vast experience ranging from sales in important travel agencies to hotels operations became soon a Supervisor. Nowadays Marlene is proud of being the Sales & Reservations Manager of INKATERRA.

  • Eduardo Castañeda

    Eduardo Castañeda flecha

    Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel - Resident Manager

    Holding a degree in Hotel and Tourism Management and a Diploma in Coaching and Consulting, Eduardo has more than 19 years of experience in the hospitality industry.  He has extensive knowledge of the commercial area, both in Peru and abroad.  His training includes administration, sales, marketing, logistics and hotel operations, which, along with his high capacity for interpersonal skills have led to excellent results.  Now begins a new challenge as Resident Manager of  Inkaterra Macchu Picchu Pueblo Hotel.

  • Joaquín Escudero

    Joaquín Escudero flecha

    Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba - Resident Manager

    Holding a diploma in Accommodation Management and a degree in Administration and Organization, Joaquin is an experienced professional in the hospitality industry. He worked for eight years at the Delfines Hotel Casino in Lima, where he obtained a vast knowledge in administrative, managing and operational functions. He joined Inkaterra in 2009 as Front Desk Manager at Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, followed by his position as Resident Manager at ElMaPi Hotel byInkaterra. Nowadays he takes a new challenge as Resident Manager at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba.

  • Luisella Garmendia

    Luisella Garmendia flecha

    Inkaterra La Casona - Resident Manager

    Holding a certification in Hospitality Operations Management of Cornell University, Luisella has fifteen years of experience in tourism, working for luxury hotels and airlines. Her career along different areas such as sales, front desk, guest service, accounts, and reservations, has enriched her administrative knowledge and treat with guests making them feel at home.

  • Luis Ernesto Matute

    Luis Ernesto Matute flecha

    Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica - Resident Manager

    Holding a degree in Tourism and Hospitality, Luis Ernesto has a 15-year career in the field. Emphasizing his skills in Guest Services and Food & Beverages, he has worked in Lima, Cusco and Trujillo, as well as in Arizona, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Dulia Zúñiga

    Dulia Zúñiga flecha

    El Mapi - Resident Manager

    Holding a degree in Tourism and Hospitality, Dulia has almost 20 years of experience in this field. Her career started at Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel and soon she managed important hotel operations in Cusco and Puerto Maldonado. Dulia reincorporated the Inkaterra team in 2015 as Resident Manager of El Mapi.

  • José Purisaca

    José Purisaca flecha

    ITA Inkaterra Association - General Manager

    José has his bachelor’s degree in biology from San Marcos University and has been committed to nature conservation since 1980. He joined the INKATERRA group in 1991 and founded ITA (Inkaterra Association) in 2001 along with Mr. Jose Koechlin. Jose has extensive experience in ecotourism and has collaborated on projects with the World Bank, the United Nations and the National Geographic Society.