Sustainability Policy

Inkaterra Sustainability Policy

Inkaterra is a Peruvian organization, a pioneer in sustainable tourism, which promotes Scientific Research for the Conservation of Ecosystems and Natural Resources funded by Ecotourism, as a replicable model for local communities; offering authentic experiences, capturing, disseminating and educating about the culture and nature of Peru.

Inkaterra Sustainability Policy is based on:

  • Define and respect authentic cultural, social and environmental values.
  • Create professional development opportunities and encourage the recruitment and training of local staff.
  • Develop an ideal work environment providing better living conditions than those covered by labor law.
  • Develop activities in accordance with current legislation, such as corporate, tax, labor, and the concepts of sustainable development.
  • Provide experience in the formulation of standards and creation of protected areas.
  • Develop contingency plans for natural, social or financial disasters.
  • Continuously update analyzed financial statements in order to facilitate the decision making process and the decentralization of administrative actions. Raise awareness within partners, travelers and locals on the conservation of the environment, with activities and materials.
  • Encourage the development of local communities, taking into consideration their environment and culture.
  • Use environmentally friendly products and maintain good communication with suppliers.
  • Use energy and water efficiently, and provide adequate waste treatment.
  • Develop continuous improvement in our management and process controls by minimizing negative impacts.
  • Identify the positive and negative effects generated by human action.
  • Offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the organization’s operations, in order to be carbon neutral.
  • Being a replicable business model of low initial cost and high positive impact on local populations.