During the last day of the “Birding Rally Challenge” with the Sunbird Team from UK, decided to walk to Mandor Valley at 4:00am since we were only one species from the first place of the contest . After one hour walking in the rain, Gavin Bieber saw a dark silhouette on the train tracks, we knew it was a bird but it flew away. We kept waking and a few meters from where we saw the unidentified bird twe noticed movement on the trees, we pointed our torches an   saw a Band-bellied Owl (Pulsatrix melanota) a “lifer” (bird species seen for the first time). It was the first Owl that I had ever seen in Machu Picchu. During the ceremony the judges told us that it was a new register for the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. It was worth the walk in the rain, enjoy the picture!!!

Stuart Elsom, Steve Howell, Gavin Bieber | Sunbird Team (UK)

Jose Luis Lavilla Holguin | Leader Explorer Guide | Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel