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These comfortable Ese’ Eja-style wooden cabañas (38 sq m/ 408 sq ft) are divided into three integrated areas, topped by a high thatched-palm roof. The bedroom has 2 twin beds canopied with mosquito netting, outfitted with 100% cotton sheets and hypoallergenic pillows. Bathrobes, and Andean rubber slippers are supplied for your comfort. The open plan bathroom comes with closets, independent shower and toilet, hot water, large towels, and a complete set of ecologically friendly toiletries, including shampoo, conditioner, terracotta exfoliates, and citronella natural repellent. The screened siesta area invites relaxation, with 2 hammocks, 2 comfortable wooden chairs, and a side table. Each cabaña is equipped with umbrellas, flashlights, kerosene lamps for lighting, a central ceiling ventilator, and an electric outlet. A personal escort will accompany you from the airport to the lodge.

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