Founded in 1975, Inkaterra is a unique organization to Peru and to world tourism.  Brainchild of Jose Koechlin, Inkaterra is a hotel developer and operator, a provider of a variety of tourism services and, most importantly, Peru’s leader in conservation, financed by sustainable tourism.

Inkaterra conceived and operates two facilities in Peru: the Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel in the Cloud Forest of Cusco, and Reserva Amazonica in the Tambopata Rain Forest on the banks of the Madre de Dios River, a major tributary of the Amazon. 

The Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel is a tranquil fusion of opulent comfort, excellent cuisine, Incan style and construction, a mélange of tropical gardens, plantations, natural beauty, misticism and conservation – and is home to both the world’s largest collection of native orchids visible in their natural habitat, (372 species), and the world’s largest concentration of wild hummingbird species (16).  Visitors to the Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel are able to transform a customary exploration of the extraordinary ruins of Machu Picchu with an authentic encounter with the “Inca Experience.”

Reserva Amazonica is a complex on the shores of the Madre de Dios River, that permits visitors to come into close contact with the natural splendors of the rain forest.  It blends cozy accommodations with warm hospitality, a dedication to conservation and the opportunity to discover magnificent naturally camouflaged indigenous wildlife in the jungle, and at the research center run by Inkaterra.    

Inkaterra is currently engaged in the renovation of a magnificent mansion in the heart of Cusco, originally residence of several of the legendary “conquistadores” of the Incan empire.  Once renovations are completed, the house will become Inkaterra’s third hotel facility – a boutique hotel underscoring the house’s historic heritage, Inca craftsmanship and post-modern design.

Inkaterra is devoted to conservation, and to the improvement of both the ecology and the lives of Peru’s indigenous people by its concentration on sustainable tourism. Inkaterra has been recognized as a world leader in sustainable tourism and receives support from the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group and the United Nations’ Global Environmental Facility. 

The Inkaterra Association is a non-profit institution created to promote the conservation of Peru’s natural environment and its cultural and archeological resources. It develops scientific, technological, social and cultural research designed to manage and protect the biodiversity of Peru’s Andes and Amazon Rain Forest. The Inkaterra Association is allied with ACEER, sponsored by the National Geographic Society, and its chairman, Jose Koechlin, serves on the board of Conservation International.

To know more about Inkaterra, visit www.inkaterra.com or call 1-800 442 5042

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