Serenata Inkaterra

Inkaterra offers these Andean serenades for all lovers of authentic, indigenous music. This trip through Peru, painted in traditional harmonies arranged by the composer and saxophonist Jean Pierre Magnet, draws on the rich Andean musical tradition. Each serenade reflects a deep commitment to preserving indigenous Andean music, as classic folk music turns into an experience to delight the senses.

About Jean Pierre Magnet

Through the years I have participated in various musical performances with much pleasure and enjoyed each one of them. Since childhood, I listened to the music of the mountains in saxophone through the radio. I always felt that I had to explore the possibilities of musical tapestries, that they are infinite in the Andean world, like its landscapes. With this disc I have set out to make music through natural instruments without electronic influences and to create eight themes that were each one, a journey to the different destinations of Peru.

Serenata InkaterraJeanpierre Magnet

Album name: Serenata Inkaterra
Artist: Jean Pierre Magnet
Label: Estudios “Ziland” & Inkaterra
Release Date: December, 2006
Style: Andean
Nomination: Al gramy latino en la categoría de empaque