Trail System

Trail System

A walk to one of the trails that extend 7,3 kilometers (4,5 miles) in Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica Natural Reserve and you will discover the incredible realm of the Amazon rainforest.

The trails offer an excellent introduction to the environment of the jungle, as you walk past exotic rainforest trees, such as the lupuna tree and the beautiful ficus. Look down and spot the tiny lizards that rustle the leaves as they dart about on the forest floor. Gaze at the treetops and be amazed with the arena for bird watching. Observe the insect life – iridescent beetles and interpretation of the primary and secondary rain forest components, as well as human impact, and the relevance of the rainforests of the world.

Duration: ¼ day.

Difficulty level: I.

Schedule: Morning and Afternoon

Attractions: Footprints / Birds / Native skills / Ants / Medicinal plants.

Recommended for Children.

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