Following a short motorboat ride from the lodge, this activity begins with a walk to Lake Sandoval. Be on the lookout for hoatzins, herons and ospreys as you glide across this mirror-like oxbow lake in a wooden canoe. Your excursion continues with a hike through the reserve to Concepcion.

The surrounding vegetation will be roused on this trip, with possible sightings of paiche and black caimans; red howler, brown capuchin and squirrel monkeys; and the extremely rare and critically endangered giant river otter. A picnic lunch at Concepcion farm is followed by a guided visit to a garden containing more that 200 medicinal plants and the possibility to practice with the native arch and arrows.

Duration: 1 day.

Difficulty level: III.

Schedule: Morning

Meal: Picnic

Attractions: Footprints / Birds / Native Skills / Photos / Medicinal plants / Ants / Canoe & Native food.

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