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Guide to Cusco

Guide to Cusco

Vibrant is the word which best describes Cusco, capital of the vast Inca Empire, some six hundred years ago, now transformed, as the most important colonial center in the Andes, an axis of exploration and favorite destination for today’s international traveler.

Meet and mingle with the people, the mestizo architecture and local traditions which reflect each of the chapters of Cusco history. Sense the Cusqueño pride in their ancestral culture while assimilating international influences and share these with the travelers from around the world who visit Cusco.

As you roam the cobbled streets, against the backdrop of Inca and colonial monuments, Cusco’s Quechua-speaking inhabitants merge with locals and visitors alike who enjoy the city’s busy local markets or its unique nightlife. To understand Cusco is to begin to understand the forces that make up Peru today. In order to make the most out of your Cusco visit, we have prepared this guide for you as you get ready for a highly enjoyable and memorable journey