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Nearby Ruins

Nearby Ruins

Enjoy a private guided excursion through Cusco’s four main ruins:

Explore Sacsayhuamán, which in Quechua means “satisfied falcon,” considered a religious and military significance. It is the most impressive ruin close to the city of Cusco, where the yearly Inti Raymi festival (Sun Cult feast) is celebrated.

Then view the Puca Pucará, or “red fort;” thought to be a hunting lodge, this rock structure looks pink in some lights.

Later visit Qenko, which means “zigzag” in Quechua — a ruin that consists of a large limestone riddled with niches, steps and carving, including zigzagging channels that gave the site its name.

Finally, visit Tambomachay (Cavern Lodge), commonly referred to as the Baños del Inca or Inca baths. Tambomachay was a site for ritual bathing.

  • Difficulty Level: II
  • Duration: Half day
  • Schedule: Morning and Afternoon
  • Attractions: Archaeological Site, Architecture, Photos