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Around the city

Around the city

Visit the Cathedral, San Blas church and Koricancha. Begin this excursion with an intimate tour of the Cusco Cathedral and get to know this superb symbol of the city closely, including its 11 chapels, 1 vestry, 7 altarpieces and 1 lower chorus completely carved in Cedar from Cusco, more than 300 paintings, and a variety of carvings and sculptures. The highlight of all these is the Main Altar, covered entirely with layers of silver as well as the Silver Chariot, mounted on a pedestal, still used in processions during the religious festival of Corpus Christi.

Then visit the church of San Blas, one of Cusco’s most picturesque communities. Finish your day with a visit to one of the most important temples in the Incan Empire dedicated to Wiracocha; Sun god or creator. Its former pre-Inca construction of adobe and unpolished quartz lasted until the 12th century and when the Incas took over, they called it Koricancha (“courtyard of gold”). The Church of Santo Domingo was built using the ruined foundations of the temple that were flattened by the Spanish in the 17th century and is a fine example of where Inca stonework has been incorporated into the structure of a colonial building.

  • Difficulty Level: I
  • Duration: Half day
  • Schedule: Morning and Afternoon
  • Attractions: Archaeological Site, Architecture, Photos

Recommended for children