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Authentic Cusco

Authentic Cusco

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The essential experience of Peru’s iconic itinerary: the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu and of course, vibrant city of Cusco; recognized as the best city 2012 by “Travel+Leisure” magazine in the category of Mexico, Central and South America


Begin your exploration of the Inca legacy and savor the ambience of the Sacred valley, immerse in the spirit of Royal Inca retreat, at Inkaterra’s boutique hotel, an Andean Garden of Eden, acres of orchids and home of hummingbirds, and finally discover an elegant fusion of Inca enigma and Spanish splendor in Cusco, transformed through centuries as the colonial center of the Andes. Recommended for a highly unforgettable vacation that touches the soul.

Trip Highlights

  • See the Sacred Valley of the Incas stepping back two centuries, visiting its finest ruins, picturesque villages and colorful markets.
  • Marvel at Machu Picchu, one of the New 7 wonders and wander through cloud forest excursions at Inkaterra Machu Picchu hotel.
  • Get captivated with Cusco, capital of the vast Inca Empire, an axis for exploration and an international destination for modern travel.