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Suggested Readings

For those who are interested in learning more about Peru, we have compiled a suggested

reading list:

Inkaterra Publications

Travel Guides

Books – Peru

  • Cáceres Macedo, Justo. Prehispanic Cultures of Peru.
  • Prescott, W.H. History of the Conquest of Peru.
  • Nigel, Davies. The ancient Kingdoms of Peru.

Books – Peruvian Coast & Andes

  • Aveni, Anthony F. Between the Lines. The Mystery of the Giant Ground Drawings of Ancient.
  • Hadingham, Evan. Lines to Mountain Gods: Nazca and the Mysteries of Peru.
  • Books – Peruvian Andes.
  • Burger, Richard & Salazar, Lucy. Machu Picchu: Unveiling the Mystery of the Incas.
  • Bingham, Hiram. Lost City of the Incas.
  • Brukoff, Barry. Machu Picchu.
  • Wright, Ruth M. & Valencia Zegarra, Alfredo. The Machu Picchu Guidebook: A Self Guided Tour.
  • Milligan, Max. Realm of the Incas.
  • Thomson, Hugh. The White Rock: An Exploration of the Inca Heartland.

Books – Peruvian Amazon

  • Bright, Michael. Andes to Amazon: A Guide to Wild South America.
  • Blassi, Jordi. Where the Andes Meet the Amazon.