Machu Picchu

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Lyre-tailed Nighjar Uropsalis Lyra |   Details

Lyre-tailed Nighjar

The Lyre-tailed Night jar is a bird which inhabits the cloud forest mainly in the East Andes; mostly nocturnal, the male has two long feathers in the tail three times its size, curving inwardly.

Golden-headed Quetzal Pharomachrus auriceps |   Details

Golden-headed Quetzal

The Golden-headed Quetzal is a bird of the High montane forest with an emerald green color and a contrasting red belly; it could stay long perched in a branch, at mid-height of a tree,

Variable Antshrike Thamnophilus punctatus |   Details

Variable Antshrike

The Variable Antshrike is a bird that inhabits the Eastern Andes; it is small and active; feeds on insects among the tree branches, has a repetitive bird call, and it could stay in a group of varied

House Wren Troglodytes aedon |   Details

House Wren

 The House Wren is one of the few birds which could be found all over Peru; with a brown color, it is possible to see it on the ground in parks and gardens, as well as at mid-height of trees.

Gray-breasted Woodwren Henicorhina leucophrys |   Details

Gray-breasted Woodwren

 The Gray-breasted Wood wren is a bird of the High Montane Forest; like other wrens, it moves along the ground and bushes; it is possible to see them in pairs where they would sing in duets.

Inca Wren Thryothorus eisennmani |   Details

Inca Wren

The Inca Wren is a Peruvian endemic bird which inhabits the cloud forest of Cusco and Apurimac; it prefers the areas where bamboo grows, it is territorial; it is possible to see it in the area of Machu Picchu; it has a very particular bird song and like the Grey breasted woodwren, it sings duets with partner.

Russet-crowned Warbler Basileuterus coronatus |   Details

Russet-crowned Warbler

 The Russet-crowned Warbler is a Montane cloud forest bird, very active and possible to see them in pairs, looking for food in low and médium height of trees, singing a particular tune; it is characterized for its brown stripe in the crown.

Rufous Collared Sparrow Zonotrichia capensis |   Details

Rufous Collared Sparrow

 The Rufous-collared sparrow is a very common bird in the Coastal and Andes regions; it is very adaptable to all types of conditions including those with human-population; it is possible to see them in urban areas, parks and gardens; its main characteristic is its black stripes along the length of its head and tiny crest.

Dusky-green Oropendola Psarocolius atrovirens |   Details

Dusky-green Oropendola

The Dusky green Oropendola is a bird found in montane cloud forest from Huanuco to Puno; its bird call is described as liquid sound; it is characterized for its golden feathers that can be seen it lift its wings to fly; it weaves its nests hanging from the trees.