Hacienda Concepción


“The location of the lodge is just amazing: completely in the middle of the forest! You can sleep with the beautiful sounds of the forest animal. But for those who have fear of animals and insects: don’t worry!!! Everything is closed by mosquito nets and nothing can pass through. So you can relax in your room and in your bed without thinking too much about mosquitos, insects or whatever animals! The room was very nice and clean and the staff was excellent!! The activities organized by the staff are also very nice and interesting! The restaurant was serving also good food! In summary: it’s an awesome place”

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“Stayed here for 3 days & 2 nights with my fiancée in late May. We had a fantastic experience. It’s a unique location off of the river banks. We had a cabana overlooking a little pond and fell asleep and woke up to the sounds of the jungle. Our guide, Alan, was great and we saw capybara, caiman, squirrel monkeys, a tarantula & lots of birds, along with lovely scenery, on our excursions. Food and service were great, and our fellow excursionists were nice and interesting folks. I can’t recommend this place highly enough.”

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“The excursions were fun even though we had to keep walking in the mud. We could feel the real rainforest. Our guide, Justo, was a genius of spotting wild animals. Thanks to him, we could see a big anaconda, a white cayman , a dwarf cayman and an anteater, not to mention various monkeys, birds and insects. He is very knowledgable, showing us many medicinal plants as well. The staff was friendly and helpful. The food was delicious. We never forget the hot chocolate made with cacao beans grown in the region. We had a great experience. Highly recommended!”.

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“Our guide Dino was very friendly, passionate and informative. He provided us with a wealth of information about the jungle. I certainly know much more about the Amazon then prior to my visit. They will keep you busy for the length of your stay. When we arrived in the afternoon of our 1st day, we had a pre-dinner hike and then a post dinner boat excursion. Then we were up @ 5am (for the 1st of 3 excursions) for the boat ride and jungle trek thru the mud @ Lake Sandoval. This trek thru the mud (you are provided with boots) is very strenuous and hot. It’s under 2 miles in each direction but takes well over an hour because the condition of the path. You will see many interesting things during all of your excursions. I would recommend the Inkaterra for a once in a life time experience in a very nice setting!”.

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“¡Desconexión absoluta! El servicio, la ubicación del hotel y la infraestructura superan todas las expectativas. Es una mezcla de relax y aventura en medio de la selva. Cada una de las personas que trabajan en este hotel se ocupa de que tu estadía sea la mejor. Me encantaron las actividades y el contacto tan cercano con la naturaleza. El lodge está protegido de los animales e insectos sin dejar de ser ecológicamente amigable”.

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“Inkaterra fue más de lo que esperaba, decidimos aventurarnos a la Selva peruana y créanme que la mejor forma de hacerlo es de la mano de Inkaterra. […] un refrescante jugo y una toalla fresca nos esperaban como bienvenida y supimos que no nos habíamos equivocado en elegir el lugar adecuado para explorar la selva. Todos los días era una aventura diferente y si eres de los que goza con los detalles, poder escuchar los distintos sonidos de la selva al atardecer desde tu cabaña y despertar con ellos es un real agrado. Hacer este viaje es algo completamente distinto, una experiencia que recomiendo a los amantes de la naturaleza, que dejan de lado la extrema humedad y la molestia de algunos mosquitos, para enfocarse en disfrutar las sorpresas que depara la amazonia […]”.

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“Our stay in the Hacienda Concepcion was a fabulous start to our trip. All of our requests were met with flexibility and amenability.”

Studio UK - Crew Members

“Their English was excellent and they made this a fantastic honeymoon with little extras such as poems and flowers; to stay in such a special place you would want a moment , cacao bean from a gift shop grown in the jungle, local candles and coffee – just something.Thank you all, a place and heaven.”

Ron Guimaraes

“I was very impressed with everyone ( the people with we had regular contact) , their knowledge of all aspects of the forest . Their knowledge of English was excellent. The welcome we received was fantastic and we found everyone to be very friendly and helpful. Thank you making our honeymoon and experience in the Peruvian jungle very memorable, we shall always have very happy memories of our friends in the jungle.”

Sheila Caldmen