Competition to win Ceviche new cookbook ‘Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen’

We’re pleased to announce an exclusive competition for all our loyal followers! You could be in with the chance of winning a copy of the new cookbook Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen from Ceviche London. For the first time, Peruvian restaurateur and cook, Martin Morales, whose top London restaurant Ceviche opened to enormous critical and commercial success in 2012, shows you how to make the best ceviche and over 100 other Peruvian dishes. This is laid back, fuss-free and delicious Peruvian food.

Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen

Over 500 years of fusion have taken place in Peru for its culinary offering to become what it is today. Starting with the indigenous culture and then blending it with flavours and cooking styles brought over by migrants from Spain, Italy, Africa, China and Japan, Peruvian food has evolved into being one of the most fascinating, diverse, rich and healthy in the world.


From Ceviche’s signature dishes, authentic Peruvian dishes and new creations, Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen cookbook showcases the innovative food coming out of Lima, the Amazon and the Andes today. From sizzling barbecued anticucho skewers, to superfood quinoa salads, juicy stir fry saltados and lucuma ice cream, Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen brings the unique and delicious dishes from Peru to your home kitchen.

Peruvian Cuisine at Ceviche

To be in with the chance of winning this cookbook, all you have to do is tell us why you love Peruvian food in the comment box below. Our chosen winner will be announced in two weeks time on July 12th.  You can also enter via Twitter and Facebook, using hashtag #PeruvianKitchen. Follow us on Twitter @InkaterraHotels and on Facebook here.

With the Ceviche ethos of helping others cook at home, Martin and his team are travelling around Britain on tour. Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen On Tour will run from the 1st to the 15th of July 2013. Tickets are selling fast. Please book your place now to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to hearing all the reasons why you love Peruvian food. Here is some inspiration from Martin Morales himself.

‘There is a Peruvian saying my great aunt Carmela taught me, aquí se cocina con cariño, which means ‘here we cook with loving care’. This is the motto at our restaurant Ceviche – it’s what Peruvian food is all about. The other side of what we do is sazón – the quest to achieve a perfect balance of flavours. I have spent a lifetime working on this. Like most Peruvians, I am obsessed with cooking and I love sharing our amazing food.’ Martin Morales

16 comments on “Competition to win Ceviche new cookbook ‘Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen’

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  2. I was lucky enough to spend 9 days in Peru a couple of months ago, and the food just blew me away. The fusion of different flavours combined with the freshest ingredients was out of this world, I would love to try cook some of these dishes myself!

  3. Peruvian food has wonderful flavors and great variety. You’ll find something you love no matter what your preference from seafood to comfort food or organic vegetarian dishes. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t fall in love with Peruvian food after they try it !

  4. I have traveled to 43 countries in 48 years and Peru proved to have the BEST cuisine I have experienced in my world travels! I am an avid fisherman and make ceviche often. I would love to win the cookbook so I can expand my ceviche experiences with the many different types of fish that I catch.

    • Jeff Aderman – Congratulations! You are the winner of our Ceviche competition! Follow us on Facebook and message us your address – Many thanks

      • Thank you soooooo much! I look forward to getting the book so I can learn more about one of Peru’s best gastronomical assets…. CEVICHE!

        Please send to:
        Jeff Aderman
        C/O Target Networking & Media
        801 Northpoint Parkway
        Suite 9
        West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

        Thanks again!

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