Peru – the hottest destination for foodies in 2012

Frommer’s, the Food Channel, National Geographic and London Confidential all agree: Peru is the hottest destination for foodies in 2012. With two Peruvian restaurants opening in London early next year, Ceviche pisco bar and Lima-London fine-dining establishment, gastro-bloggers are already salivating over the Sino-South American fusion that has marked the cuisine of Peru for decades.


If you’re heading out to Peru in the coming year, make sure you sample the diverse culinary classics across the country. Try ceviche or tiradito in Cusco (both dishes based on raw fish and seafood gently marinated in fresh lime and citrus juices) – either at the excellent Limo restaurant on Plaza de Armas, or head to Inkaterra La Casona for lomo saltado (thinly sliced marinated beef fillet).




At Inkaterra’s newly opened Hacienda Concepcion in the rainforest region of Madre de Dios (under the byInkaterra brand) – dine on causa, a delicious cake of smooth yellow potato stuffed with crab meat or a variety of fish or meats, spiced lightly with aji amarillo.

Check out some of the great dishes I ate on my recent tour of the Inkaterra hotels… And why not send us your pics of Peru?

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